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By てらにし

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Mekameka Dorks Dan


Finally Ene is back.


Ayano’s joke of happiness.

I’m not the least bit sorry. 


<Pt 1 click here | Ayano’s joke of happiness -pt 2- 

You thought I won’t make another one did you. 


[ Kido: You are NOT bringing them into the base. Ever.]

shslnobaka whispered:
Hi! Loving your blog, really! ** Just an did you change Seto's cursor by clicking on the links? Thanks for the help! *^^^*

Aww thank you so much ♥ I’m glad you’re loving this blog and I’m sorry I just saw this ask so this is a bit late.

What you need to do is use this html

<style type=”text/css”> body{ cursor: url(cursor 1), auto;} a, a:hover{cursor:url(cursor 2), auto;} </style>

just put the urls of the cursors you want there, and put the code on your blog as you usually do c: If you need help with anything else, I’m always happy to assist.

for luna-desu






someone who doesnt know kagepro should describe this

The ipod kid’s drink got stuck in the machine. The other kid got ambitious and tried to reach up into the machine to retrieve it. Ipod kid still feels that it’s his drink.

More like ipod kid catches his plain looking friend making out with the vending machine and looks rightfully disturbed.

iPod KiD walks up on plain-looking classmate trying to steal a drink from the vending machine. iPod kid happens to be a vending machine fanatic, does not approve of this action. Prepare to open a can of musical whup-ass.

Are you implying a love triangle between iPod KiD, plain-looking friend, and the vending machine?